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Stacy Dawn

I live in Canada in a century home in continuous need of repair and filled to the brim with way too much testosterone (even the dog is male). My sportsaholic husband is happily sharing his addiction with our children who are already proving to have more of an obsession than their mentor. But I wouldn't change a thing, because I am truly living the life I love.

The Artist

I was more the pink sheep in the family and among my friends -- the only one with aspirations of creativity, always writing, painting, drawing, and doodling.  But life has a way of taking you down different paths for different reasons -- kids, bills, day jobs, obligations.  Yet when I look back, all those paths held a creative nook somewhere, even if I didn't realize it at the time be it simple graphic design or designing word templates for forms and functions.  And all of those winding roads brought me to the here and now, to a time when I can give more focus to artistic pursuits that make my soul sigh colourful breaths of creative freedom.


The Author

My mother feared I would never marry. She claimed I was far too picky where men were concerned. How could I not be? I believed in fate, in true love, in soul mates. My parents' beautiful relationship was proof they existed, and I wasn’t about to settle for anything less. I knew he was out there; I just had to be patient. Turned out I had to be very patient.


I found out that dreams don’t always come quickly, but they do come true. My stories reflect the same persistence and need to believe. My heroines may not always have an easy time of it but, in the end, they always get their man...just like I did.

"I just felt so involved with this story. I felt like I was watching a movie, the details, descriptions and facts were so vivid and real. And ladies…and some men…who doesn’t love a cowboy? If you do, than this is an anthology you must check out."

~Mistress Bella Reviews about One Starlit Night

"Ms. Stacy Dawn definitely lived up to her reputation with this book. I enjoy her style so much that I read all her books possible. Her characters were dynamic, yet comical. Her situations are so funny that it's impossible not to laugh. There were also some poignant moments in the book. I found myself immersed in the characters and felt as if I was there in person. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to laugh and maybe shed a tear while reading a fabulous book."
~Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio about Luck Be a Cowboy

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