• Stacy Dawn

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I thought I would start off the first art blog for the new site with showing you where I like to get creative--okay, in all honesty, I can happily get creative anywhere, but this is my art area where I do most of my painting and general artwork.

Now, I have to be honest to say you are seeing it at its best as I just finished cleaning out the room to add a…[oops, that’s a blog for another day :) ]. It is amazing, though, how you can bury yourself without even knowing until the word “hoarder” comes up by the hubby…and children…even the dog just shaking his head as he walks by. Sure, I agreed, but really, what if I needed something at a later date? And sure enough, after I cleaned and boxed up a number of things, I totally thought of new projects I could do—okay, probably because I hadn’t seen the items for a few years because I forgot they were even there in the first place LOL.

Painting-wise, I just started working on some hippie van samples as I have this sort of series in my head I would like to do. This is just an initial, quick rendering I did to get a feel for the design, and though I’ve already changed a number of things, this mini canvas quickly became a favourite of mine for its groovy feel.

(Yes, that is an old Tim Horton's gift card in the background that I use as a little straight edge now--a Canadian artist or what? LOL)

I am also working on another fun set of a cute, little, original character I created ions ago—funny how things come back around at a time when you have more skill and can give them more attention and creative love.

Pop around my site and, as you will see, I like a bright and fun style in most of my ideas and designs.

*Sigh* But it’s not always easy finding time for art, especially these days—worldwide pandemic, remote working of the day job, evening freelance work, and of course mom, wife, and family all coming before that.

But I realized it is important to get that dream started, even small steps, so I make a little time every day, sometimes more when all the stars align, because every step is heading toward someday getting to create on a more full-time basis…and it only takes one colourful step forward at a time—remember that!

If you need a place to start, simply grab any piece of paper or notebook and write down one thing that you want to try, accomplish, or you think would be fun—maybe a new recipe, a new wall paint, a doodle idea, cross-stitch or knitting pattern. Anything.

If you want a bit of a creative flair for your ideas, feel free to check out my notebook designs on Redbubble—the hardcovers are the perfect size to fit in a purse or tote bag for those light bulb moments that always hit on the go!

And if you are on the go, don't forget to wear a mask! Stay safe out there!

Peace, joy, and creativity,