• Stacy Dawn

Create Every Day

I am finding this is very important - especially in these crazy, crazy times that are going on right now. I notice it most in my mental health when I miss a few days that just get too busy with family, work, or life in general, when worry hangs like that grey cloud over your head. Yet, those are the days when you need the time for creativity the most.

Part of it is the productivity, that feeling of accomplishment, but most is simply doing something that makes you happy, and I‘m not talking about the happiness you get from being with the ones you love, that is its own special kind, I mean the joy that bubbles up from deep inside over the simplest idea, figuring it out, experimenting with colour or ingredients or wood or flowers or wool, with a new song, a new meditation, a new yoga pose. Because the other thing I am learning is that it is not the final pIece that brings this happy satisfaction but rather the simply doing, the hands on, the procedures, the practice, the new ideas that spring up as you are trying something different, or digging deeper into something you know. The journey of discovery. It is the losing yourself for a few minutes or an hour in the full creative process, and then coming back to the world around you with your well a little fuller—because that in itself is another positive of creating every are taking care of yourself, your own need to just “be” for a little bit, step back from the trials around you, and find a place where you can breathe.

Taking time to create every day, even ten minutes, is so important, and worth every moment.

And don’t just ”find” the time—TAKE it, make it part of your day, write it into your planner, into your daily schedule. You will be amazed that when you look back, how it really does make a huge difference, and if you are like me, how it can open up so many new paths you didn’t even know were a possibility, let alone a reality.

Peace, joy, and creativity,