• Stacy Dawn

Li'l Pears of Sunshine: Take off the Mask

Let’s be honest, we all wear masks 🎭—showing the face we THINK people want to see or hiding behind a happy face so they don’t see the mess we are trying to hold together on any given day.

Sometimes we even put the mask on to try and fool ourselves.

But don’t forget that it is OKAY to take the mask off—to just be yourself, to let people know you’re hurting or tired or unsure. Funny thing is, once one person takes off their mask, others start to as well, and you find kindred spirits who understand what you are going through because they’ve been hiding the same way, too, and can help—or better yet, you can help each other💖

So, remember, Sunshine, it’s okay to take off your mask and just be yourself 🤗🤗

Pop a jack-o-lantern 🎃 in someone's comments today to light up this night so they can see more of YOU!

Peace, joy, and creativity,


Disclaimer: I am talking metaphorical masks, not physical ones - Please continue to wear a physical face covering to keep yourself, your loved ones, and everyone safe during these crazy, crazy times! 💖