• Stacy Dawn

Life Hits

I think my Jimmy has it right—sometimes it’s just necessary to curl up on the couch with your favourite blanket.

There has been a LOT of changes lately in our lives. BIG life-changing type ones. The kind you know when you look back in five years, you will see the path and that everything works out the way it is supposed to, but right now with enough uncertainty that makes the anxiety crawl up day after day after day (on top of the world-wide pandemic continuous type of anxiety).

Choosing to look at the positive helps a lot—that’s not to say I don’t have rough days, bad days, sad days, but faith and being grateful, choosing to look at the amazing little things that can bring joy every day makes a BIG difference and takes some of the gray out of the clouds hanging heavy above.

That’s probably a big reason I love bright colours in my art, and why I write humorous romance where struggles lead to happy endings. Everyone needs a little sunshine, and if I can be the one to shine a light, offer a smile, or engage an outright laugh from someone else, then my worrisome concerns lose a little more of their darkness.

Yes, sometimes it is necessary to curl up on the couch with your favourite blanket, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all—just remember, though, not to stay there too long, because whether you know it or not, to someone, you are the bright rainbow in their world that makes them smile, and they are waiting for you to shine your light, too.

Peace, joy, and creativity,



Fun fact about me: I played sports as a kid (volleyball and softball), and watched the Toronto Blue Jays on TV a few times a year, but then I married a sportsaholic, and I honestly had no idea what I was in for LOL!