• Stacy Dawn

Month of Love

It is the month of love...although, if you are like me, love is an everyday thing :)

Still, I feel that putting my passion project forward into the works, especially this month, just fits LOL. Hopefully by the beginning of next month I can start showing you the fun parts....

But just know, the fun parts take work and a LOT of time, and whether you are a writer or artist, a baker, a reader, a lover of music or anything really, what you read, what you see and admire, what you hear takes so much work in the background. Hard, passionate work that involves heart and hope, lots of frustration, more sweat and tears work, awe inspiring moments when it all comes together and lots and lots of love.

So the next time you are scrolling through social media and see something you like, enjoy, want to read or have read, want to make, etc., drop a quick comment, a bit of encouragement, a nice word, or encouraging emoji to show them support. It really does make a BIG impact to see even a little happy face on something you've put your heart into.

Peace, joy, and creativity,