• Stacy Dawn

NOT Till the Cows Come Home

Sometimes it is hard to shut the editor down, but when I read for enjoyment I do my best. Sure, things still catch my eye but I can usually just mooooove on so to speak LOL. Only when they keep repeating do I start to get the little pet peeve tightness in my pen hand.

Our camping vacation is when I love to read the most—unplugged and with real paperbacks and colourful bookmarks with swinging tassels😍. So there I am three books in and ALL the books have the same word popping up again and again in the wrong way. The problem is by the third book, it yanks me out of the story to shake my head yet again.


It's one of those words that have been used the wrong way for so long it has become the norm🥺, but really, it is a simple correction with an easy explanation:

Simply put, TILL is a cash register, the kind you see in most stores and the really cool old fashion ones in museums.

When using this form, most writers actually mean the contraction or slang for UNTIL, which in fact, should be 'TIL.

For example: Not till the cows come home should actually be Not 'til the cows come home.

So, next time you are using the short version of UNTIL, don't let the cows come home 'til you've double checked!

Peace, joy, and creativity,