• Stacy Dawn

The Windy Town

Good thing this is the blog week for life in general because it's been a crazy last few days thanks to the weather.

We had a HUGE wind storm that knocked down trees left, right, and centre throughout the county. We lost power for a number of hours Sunday, and then again last night. Even now, I am on borrowed time as the internet supplier fixes towers and reflectors that got offside or hit by branches etc.

So, needless to say this is a short post, but a thankful post--befitting my friends in the States for this time of year. I am thankful my loved ones are safe and we faired pretty well all considering. I am grateful for a solid roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and managing this past, unprecedented year with more positives than negatives.

I hope you all stay safe and take some times for yourselves, to appreciate what you have rather than what you may not have.

Peace, joy, and creativity,