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Watch for it Wednesday: Kirsten McNeill

An extra Wednesday in the month means a special post, and this is definitely a lady you want to watch and read. I am so excited she agreed to be my first guest blogger...please welcome Kirsten McNeill!

What Are You Worth?

One of the values I hold dearly as a writer and entrepreneur is authenticity, empowerment, and knowing your worth. Okay… so that was three! But how do you expect me to define myself as only one thing? People are complex, dynamic. We can be so many things at once and each way you choose to define yourself is beautiful.

Have you ever asked yourself this question: What Are You Worth? I know I have. It’s common for us to doubt ourselves, believe we are less than we are. There is a lot of negativity in the world and people lacking the belief in themselves and their true potential. That’s what inspired me to write a book about self-love and accepting yourself exactly the way you are.

Within these pages, self-published author Kirsten McNeill takes you through her guide to bringing courage, happiness, and empowerment into your life. Geared towards women, but welcome to all, the author wishes for you to learn how to accept yourself as you are and add positivity to the world. With contributions of 31 people through honest interviews and powerful photos, get a glimpse of what happiness and self-love means to others. Kirsten considers Discovering Your Worth: Happiness Through Confidence a step-one guide to living your best life. Gain valuable pieces of advice to use in your daily lives to appreciate yourself and never apologize for searching for your happiness. With the help of fictional characters created to offer examples of improving positivity and welcoming the change that you desire, define who you are and share your worth with those around you.

You are worthy. Tell that to yourself every day and you’ll be amazed how much you start to believe it.

Kirsten McNeill

Writer & Editor – Creator of K.M. Writing Services


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