• Stacy Dawn

Write Time into Your Schedule

It has actually been longer than I care to admit since I’ve worked on my own writing. Mom, wife, family, day job, freelance jobs, big life changes—and really, life in general these days—pull in so many different directions sometimes I think my head is going to spin right off. Then there is the guilt of taking time for myself when all that other stuff is going on around me. Sound familiar?

It has taken me a number of years, but I think I have finally realized how the balance works. That’s not to say I have it figured out LOL, but over the last couple of years especially, I have realized taking time for yourself is actually one of the best things you can do for you AND those you love. Finding time to do what makes you happy or gives you some quiet time, lets you be creative or simply gives you some adult time, can calm you down, make you see things a little differently, give you more patience, and appreciate both the big and little things more.

This can also be a great way to start working on your own dreams—the things you may have thought you needed to put aside, put away, or forget altogether to take care of what is perceived as “real life.” But that is so not true—five minutes a day, a half hour or even an hour a week working toward your own goals and dreams can make a HUGE difference. Just the feeling that you are making progress on something special to you—and it truly doesn’t matter how slow you go at all; it only matters that you keep moving forward on whatever it is that You visualize.

I started by doing artwork again, and even putting it out there for others to see this time. And though I have picked up my writing now and then, I chose this month as the next step in my be more consistent with my writing to get all the stories and characters crowding in my head to move out LOL.

There is still the family, still the day job and the freelance jobs, so sometimes it is ten minutes or a half-hour, sometimes it is only one hour this week, but every page, every paragraph, every sentence moves me forward, and best of all, gives me that giddy, happy, creative high telling me I am making the right write decision.

Currently, I am working on a romantic comedy novella, so just for you, my blog readers, here is a sneak peek at the opening of Birds of a Feather:

“Um…that goose has pink polka dots...” Dr. Adam Walduck trailed off to drop his gaze from the fowl oddity on his exam room table to the brown liquid steaming up from the cup paused at his lips. Had someone spiked the sugar in his coffee this morning? He glanced back into the sterile room where, sure enough, a full-sized, pink polka dotted goose still squawked with a frantic dance upon the metal surface.

“Well, duh, of course the duck has polka dots.”

He choked on a gulp of coffee and shifted his attention to the frazzled woman whose arms flapped up and down in an apparent attempt to keep the bird on the stand.

“Do you think I’d bring her to a veterinarian if she simply had stripes?” she muttered with a quick, sarcastic raise of her brow.

Hope you got a chuckle so far, and I will keep you posted on the progress!

If you enjoy romance with a sense of humour, feel free to pop over and take a gander at my Books page!

Peace, joy, and creativity,